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Criminal Justice

Our Nation’s criminal justice system should be a safe haven for all people. I will reach across the aisle, and also work with community leaders and law enforcement to implement criminal justice reform measures which protect and serve everyone.


Social Justice

Social justice is the view that everyone deserves equal economic, political and social rights and access to opportunities. I will do everything in my power to uncover injustices and remove barriers that hinder equality of access to civil liberties, human rights, opportunities for healthy and gratifying lives, and a fair distribution of benefits to everyone.


Economic Development

Small business owners are the backbone of our community. They represent 99 percent of all employers, generate nearly three-quarters of all net new jobs, and employ more than 50 percent of the private-sector workforce.

As State Representative, I fight to ensure funding for entrepreneurs and small business owners within Fort Bend County. This effort includes improving access to low-interest loans and start-up grants. As a fellow entrepreneur, I furthermore understand the needs of minority, woman and small business owners, and will advocate for equal opportunities to acquire contracts with state governmental entities.


Expanding access to high quality affordable health care

Texas leads the nation in its number of uninsured residents, as thousands of families cannot afford it. This unfortunate figure includes our children and seniors. My office aims to correct this issue by expanding access to affordable health care. There is no excuse for failure to give ALL children access to high quality health insurance.

I believe that all Texans have a right to take their children to a doctor when they are sick without becoming bankrupt in the process. As State Representative, I will support legislation that will restore the funding necessary to support the state’s Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). I will also support the much needed stem cell research in order to proactively combat the diseases that plague our community.


Public Education Funding

Public education in Texas right now ranks at or near the bottom compared to the rest of country. I am committed to correcting this problem by giving our schools the resources they need. These resources include recruitment efforts to find and keep quality teachers, which are the backbone of our public education system. Our state is losing far too many teachers to frustration with wages as well as feeling little control of their classrooms.

I support initiatives that de-emphasize the significance of standardized testing so that teachers can dedicate more time to helping all students instead of only teaching them how to pass the test. I also support fair wages for teachers and empowering them to focus their efforts on a college-prep curriculum for their students.

As it stands, too many of our students are dropping out and not graduating. Giving our teachers the tools to provide practical knowledge for their kids is the key to improving school performance and LEAVING NO CHILD BEHIND.


Public Safety

Throughout my time in office, I have strongly pushed for public safety improvements through tools such as relationship building between law enforcement officials and the communities in which they serve. We encourage the public to communicate with their local agencies and report activities as well as share concerns. Through programs such as block watch patrols and town hall forums, we are able to increase our security through careful observation and passing of information.

While becoming involved in our communities is important to maximizing their protection, it is important to remain united and not divided. The state of Texas is a diverse domain that requires cooperation from people of all races, religions, and socio-economic backgrounds, as the threat of crime knows no ethnic limitations. Our focus must be to protect each other within the limits of the law and hold those accountable who dare to do us harm.

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