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March 2012 Newsletter

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

March is a wonderful month because we have the opportunity to celebrate and honor the women in our lives, past and present. March is National Women's History Month and the 2012 theme is "Women's Education - Women's Empowerment.

Women now outnumber men in American colleges nationwide, but not always. Before 1848, women did not have access to higher education. The fight for an education was a constant struggle waged by many strong and determined women across years and across cultures. I, for one, thank those women for the fight. I firmly believe I am the person I am today because of my mother and the sum total of her life's experiences, including her education.

In addition to the women who fought for equality, young women today have Title IX of the Education Codes of the Higher Education Act Amendments to thank. This legislation, passed in 1972 and enacted in 1977, prohibited gender discrimination by federally funded institutions.

As many of you know, education is hugely important to me. My hope is that everyone, women, men, and youth, take full advantage of the equal opportunity to learn. Indeed, education is power.

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